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Name this causal game

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So, the last week I have been making a quick and simple casual game about drawing circles around dots. It looks like this:


The tabs on the right indicate how many dots should be on the circle. Depending on the color of the dots inside of the red line, you get a certain amount of score. The game is intended for touch screen eventually, but it plays fine on mouse as well.

I kind of want to have a name before I enter the polish stage, but I don't really have many ideas that I think would work. Luckily, I have you all to help me! See it as a game, try to post as many possible names as possible, the more crazy the better!


The rules are:

1. Post as many names as you can think of

2. Try to have the names be at least two words or at least long words

3. There are no rules, disregard anyone who claims otherwise

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Circle jerk.... sorry...


Seriously tho:

dotting circles

circle dotting




I'm sorry, but there's not much to go off of.

Making a super epic name for a super simple game will set expectations off.


And if you sell it, do we get a chip of the royalties for naming your game?

You the creator know your work the best, us naming it for you would not be really satisfying or advised, in my humble opinion.


But that's just a principle I'd live by, naming your own work.

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I've not got a name for you, but maybe something that will help.


You should think about giving it a theme.


What I mean by this, is when you think about games like candy crush that is just a connect 3 game, but it isn't called connect 3.

You could to turn the dots into something. Maybe fish or gems or something (Really no idea what), that you then hoop together.


This would make your game soooooo much easier to name.

If it was gems you could call it something like Prospector or Gem Grab.

It it was fruit you could go with Fruit Loops (though you might get sued for that one.)

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