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Help with draw loop and Lua (Luabridge)

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Hey :)

I'm currently stuck on some issue and don't know how to fix it.

I started working on a simple 2D engine using SFML for rendering stuff and Lua as my scripting language.
The engine starts with a splash screen first before Lua code is loaded ...

My problem is I don't know how to write a "good" draw loop for my Lua objects.
Maybe you'll understand when we take a look on my code:



int draw_stuff()
	sf::RenderWindow window(sf::VideoMode(640, 480), TITLE);

	while (window.isOpen()) {

		sf::Event event;
		while (window.pollEvent(event))
			if (event.type == sf::Event::Closed)

	        window.draw(splash_screen); // splash screen before Lua script is loaded

		for (sf::CircleShape obj : CircleDrawList) {



	return 0;

My CircleShape wrapper class for Lua:


extern std::list<sf::CircleShape> CircleDrawList;

class Circle



	void draw();

	sf::CircleShape circleShape;



std::list<sf::CircleShape> CircleDrawList;


void Circle::draw()
	//std::cout << "DRAW IN LIST" << std::endl;

	//if (drawableList.size() == 4)


int luaopen_shapes(lua_State *L)
		.addConstructor <void(*) (void)>()
                 ... "other stuff to register" ...

		.addFunction("draw", &Circle::draw)

	return 1;

and finally (if needed) my lua script:

local ball = Circle()

while true do



Result when the Lua Circle is moving by increasing one of the Vector2 values:


Hope you can help and I described it good :x

Thanks :)


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for (sf::CircleShape obj : CircleDrawList) { window.draw(CircleDrawList.front()); }
Can't say I understand what you're trying to do, but why do you iterate over the circle list, and constantly draw the first circle?

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As I tried to explain. I can't find a better solution for my drawing loop. That's the reason why I made this topic ;) 

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