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Pixel artist for 2D Ikaruga demake (danmaku shoot-them-up)

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Hey there,


I am a French hobbyist programmer (for now ...), and I've been working on and off for a couple of years on a 2D Ikaruga demake. If you don't know Ikaruga, it is a danmaku (bullet hell) shoot-them-up by Treasure that is regarded in some circles as the very best of the genre. You can see someone doing a superplay of the game here :


Since I am a big fan of that game, I thought of making a demake of it, which is basically "what this game would have looked like on an SNES", both as a skill check and as a way to get my name out there (one can still dream).


The game is already in a very playable state, and you can play it right away for free on GameJolt (Windows only for now) : http://gamejolt.com/games/nkaruga/92026 . At the time of writing, level 1, boss 1 and level 2 are all fully functional and complete, and boss 2 is on its way - it just lacks a few sprites !


In order to complete this game, I will need a pixel artist who can adapt to the existing style, since consistency is a must. Unfortunately, since this is a fan game, I cannot sell it, and because I am actually a student, I will not be able to pay any money to you, if you were to help me on this task. What you will get from working on this is the experience, the exposure, and your name in the credits ; just like me, basically.


So far, 2 levels out of 5 are done, and I am guessing that the game is about 75% done. All of the core engine features are up and running, the only thing left is game design : sprites, levels, enemy AI. I am not asking for someone that will work office hours on this game, but commitment would still be very nice, if not mandatory.


Looking forward to your answers, thanks by advance, and here are a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure !


Boss 2 (work in progress) : http://www.mirari.fr/3Sqf


Wall mechanic in level 2 ; those open when the camera is close enough : http://www.mirari.fr/4PAx


It can get quite hard ... (level 2) : https://n3b6p5n5.ssl.hwcdn.net/data/games/1/26/92026/screenshots/v0.2.0_prev2-4y4yuuaa.png

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