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Looking for an artist for the final position in team. Work already under way. Release Sep 2016.

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Hello All!


I am the founder of DTK and indie studio. We have a small team is really dedicated writers, programmers and sound engineers. To date, we have been using open game art / placeholder art to build the skeletons are the game. We are now looking for an artist to contribute to the creative direction of the game and help build the 2d / 3d art assets. We are still flexible on the art direction as we really want to be informed by you and what you can do! Note - we are building the game on unity and coding for 3d, but we can flip it to a 2d camera no problems.
We are aiming for a September release for a demo product, before we seek for funding for further work. Note - this is not just a game where people are paid with profits later months and months later (and perhaps not paid at all!). The goal of the prototype is to get some interim stage funding so that some monies are paid to the initial team, and we can use the rest to hire some specific help to get the game towards live.
The game is set in a fantasy world, with dragons thieves and knights etc. The art and story style is light hearted. We have the backstory, design and dialogue / scripts all developed. You will be working closely with our writer who has been help with a lot of the creative direction for our game. We'd love to have you work with us longer term and contribute to the creative direction!
FYI - a bit about me. I have been in the IT industry for 17 years. I currently work as a Product manager delivering mobile apps, desktop websites and various other things "digital" across 24 different workstreams for a very big global bank. So I have a day job as a software guy, so I am very realistic around what we can achieve as a team. Happy to share my linked in or something if you want proof lol - but I'd hope a 1:1 chat is enough for us to get a feel for each other :)
Keen on getting involved? My skype is mstreamzkk. You can also join our game chat directly on:
Hopefully we can talk soon!!
Note - we do not have a website yet (on purpose, as I'd rather be focused on a finished game and networking in real life vs. a website!) but a lot of docs are on google, have code on git and built on unity cloud etc so all the infra is setup.
Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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