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Floatlands - low poly FPS

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Hi all,

we were just messing around with some low poly models in unity3d and this idea came about to create a low poly FPS game. We quickly made some basic islands and a character with a shotgun and jetpack.


Scenery is randomly generated, so that it's different every time you respawn.


We're now developing it further, each island in Floatlands has a dedicated biome. The name "biome" stands for a set of island geographical and vegetation features. Currently there are three biomes:
  • Normal - A normal, greenish island, which contains firn, bushes, trees and mountains.
  • Desert - Orange place, with little to none vegetation features and majestic mountains.
  • Sea - A normal biome covered with water
Sea biome is coming along nicely, water shader is standard Unity with some tweaks, but it will suffice for now.


The story isn't set yet, but we're leaning towards specific quests for each island (defending from mobs, gathering resources). Any ideas at this point are welcome and we invite you to visit our blog to check out some other interesting stuff that's part of our work process. We will also update this thread accordingly.


You can also find us at:


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In some respects, it is similar to YLANDS (title, graphic style)

Interesting, we'll have a closer look. Thank you for the link!

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Quick update: we changed the character to a robot and new weapons are also in the works!



Our 3d artist was nice enough to record the workflow of creating a robot character in Blender. If it interests anyone: ROBOT TIMELAPSE

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