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Temporal Reprojection Before Postfx

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Is it possible ?

I remember reading about it in Brian Karis's unreal engine 4 temporal AA presentation but am not having success implementing it in my renderer.

Setting the tonemap and inverse tonemap thing aside...I can't get my post effects to work without jittering even after the temporal resolve since they are dependent on the depth buffer which I guess is impossible to resolve ?


There's a picture in his presentation that depicts it as Pre-DOF-Setup -> Reproject -> Other PostFX. I'm not sure what kind of secret sauce that pre-setup contains but just doing the CoC generation before resolve and then the blur afterwards still doesn't work for me. Would I have to temporally resolve the CoC texture ? So basically store 2 versions of this texture, alternate and blend ?


I'm using SMAA T2x that jitters over 2 frames during the geometry passes and then combines it using velocity.

It just feels so wasted to perform all my post processing on the aliased image to then make the end result smooth again....

Has anyone done this successfully already or knows how they do it in UE4 ?

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I don't have an answer, but for those like me who prefer seeing pictures to their description, here are the slides I think lipsryme is talking about:





From the presentation: High Quality Temporal Supersampling

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Would I have to temporally resolve the CoC texture ?
Yeah my guess would be maybe they're TAA'ing the CoC map.


UE4 does have public source code, so you can go and check what they're doing :wink: 

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