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[D3D11]Visual Studio Graphic Analyzer

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this post, but was hoping someone in here was familiar with the Visual Studio Graphic Analyzer.


I was able to follow MS guide and get this thing to work.  I was able start the Diagnotics.  Capture a frame.. Then when I clicked on the frame I was able to use the Event List and the Graphics pipeline to debug my code, including the HLSL stuff I compile at runtime (the Vertex and Pixel Shaders).


After adding code today for lighting, my program worked nearly perfectly.  Just one triangle was ambient lit when it clearly should have been lit directly.  I assumed it was a problem with normals or something but I encountered this problem:


It started my code, and I get a frame (which showed my sphere perfectly rendered).  But when I click on that frame to start the Graphic Analyzer the frame showed totally black (before it worked just fine and had the proper frame image).   The graphics pipeline also only shows the Input Assembler, Vertex Shader, and the Output Merger.  The Pixel Shader is missing.   When I investigated the Vertex Shader's constant buffer (which is basically the world, view and projection matrices) is set to all 0.0.  So the Graphic Analyzer is just running the VS and I guess setting all the vertices to 0 and thus not needing a pixel shader?   its odd because the program ITSELF is not having this problem.  The Vertex Shader's constant buffer is clearly being set correctly and read by my Vertex Shader or I wouldn't be seeing the Sphere?


Anyone have any idea why the Graphic Analyzer would suddenly stop working correctly.   I can't think of any other way to debug the Vertex and Pixel Shader code without it.

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This probably means that your app was using some undefined behavior and happening to work correctly, which means the capture tool was unable to see what's going on. Does the D3D11 debug layer have any error messages?

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Well there was no problems with the D3D11 Debug layer..  But you were right.  I was doing something wrong that I'm suprised did not crash things.


I had this:

result = deviceContext->Map(m_matrixBuffer, 0, D3D11_MAP_WRITE_DISCARD, 0, &mappedResource);


// code to write data to the buffer


deviceContext->Unmap(m_materialBuffer, 0);


So I was never unmapping m_matrixBuffer.   Somehow it worked in my app, but messed up the Graphic analyzer.


For future reference if anyone has similiar trouble, when you are in Graphic Analyzer the Event List in the top left defaults to Draw Calls.  However, after playing around I noticed I could change it to TimeLine.  This gave a very detailed list of all the D3D calls and made it very easy to track down this bug.     For Example I saw:


obj3->Map(obj12,loads of other stuff)

obj3->Unmap(obj14,loads of other stuff)


Very easy to spot the trouble.

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