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Land Of Echoes - A Turn Based Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game For Pc

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Land of Echoes - a turn based post-apocalyptic survival game for PC

  • realistic survival system where each step is relevant;
  • changing weather conditions, food poisoning, diseases, radiation, injuries, pain, bleeding, physical condition, morale etc.
  • create camps to rest, cook food, craft items or medicine;
  • many fellow survivors to talk, trade or fight with;
  • huge amount of different items and gadgets with own stats and values (Clothing, Vehicle parts, Food, Drinks, Medicine, Tools, Bags, Armor, Weapons with attachments and many more);
  • vehicle with fuel and oil consumption. Spare parts and tools are needed to repair.
  • detailed, realistic map and moody locations;

...and of course

  • No monsters, no zombies, no last boss etc.!
  • No magic, no paranormal events!

sorry ;)


For full information and game video check out our indiegogo campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/land-of-echoes#/

Comments, thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated - every little bit of support matters.

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Gameplay thought well but it needs some details and animations. Tree, character act and in map move(instead of teleport) animations might be cool if added. On the other side, fights with bandits have to be detailed. We need to decide some moves in fight. These are my opinions of course and yeah, nice job man.

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...hey, dogearmy34! Thanks for thoughts. This is my first hobby project that I started quite some time ago so unfortunately the mechanics will stay as they are. There is so much else to do right now. I'll have to figure out how to best implement animated movement, but of course for the next projects I'll focus more on it to make it differ more from a board game =)


As for the fights - the fight system is not yet created =) so of course you will have control over stuff no worries there. It must be the shooting sounds at that moment that made you think that's the way it goes =)


Thanks again for checking this stuff out and commenting ;)

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