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Elium - Prison Escape

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Elium - Prison Escape is a 3D single-player medieval-fantasy action dungeon crawler.
The player takes control of a war-weary prisoner with the need to find a way out, avoiding or eliminating guards and picking up items and equipment to make the task easier.

It's coming out on February 28th, 2018 on Steam. You can now visit the Steam Store page



  • 1stPerson / 3rdPerson melee action combat.
  • Action and Stealth playing styles.
  • Fight with a sword, add a shield, use your fists or even resort to fight with objects around you.
  • Random dungeon generation: a new level layout every time the game is played.
  • Rescue other prisoners to follow you and join the escape mission.


As you can already figure, the game is strongly focused on combat. Inspired by the combat in Mount&Blade, it's based on player skill and offers a wide range of combat moves. The player only fights against other AI human characters (prison guards) so it's about tough fights against equals.

It's a very challenging game that requires good reaction and timing but also positioning and situational use of the available moves (weapon attack, offhand attack, weapon push, dodge, kick, push) - button mashing only gets you killed.

This is a solo project. I started developing it as a more broad Action-RPG framework in 2011 when I picked up UDK, and rescaled into the current (more achievable) shape in mid-2012.
The core of the game is done and the desired design won't change, so the bulk of the remaining work is mostly environment art, as well as some more work on sounds, animation and code.
I plan to release it if possible via Steam. Once I get to do more environment assets (more eyecandy) and I finish and launch the website I'll try to get it on Steam Greenlight.



I have some older material but the gameplay and graphics have changed a lot since then, so I'll be posting new stuff here







I'll try to keep this place updated just as I try to update my Twitter, so keep an eye open!

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hello again,
I recently started capturing some footage to prepare a trailer, here's one of the shots:

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as some promo material I'll be showing show of the items in the game, here's the first:
The Sword.
A fighter's prime means to make a stand.
Essential for attempting the escape.

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Hey guys,
here's a longer combat sequence to finish the year :)
It becomes clear that combats require to be specially careful with parrying, but mostly that each and every enemy is a challenge to overcome

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