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Solo 3D Rpg Project

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Early note: It's 3am while I'm typing this, there's probably some typos in here. I'm just kind of tired.


Hey, everyone. I'm starting a 3D RPG project inspired by Elder Scrolls and RuneScape. It was originally being coded in JMonkey (Java) and I spent about 20 hours of programming in that and decided I wanted more attractive graphics, so I switched over to Unity and C#. I've never programmed in C# except for console but they're pretty similar so I got the hang of it pretty fast. I'm about 15 hours of programming into the game (a lot of that was trying to get used to Unity, ha) and I've learned everything I need to know to speed up the development process.


Where I'm at right now:

I've tested a saving and loading system that works well, I've added a tree object and managed to get the interaction working well. You click on the tree and given the option if you want to cut it or not (also displays the woodcutting level needed to chop that tree.) With that being said, I can confidently make all my future objects for skilling (ores for mining, water for fishing, plants for foraging, etc.) without a problem (it took me quite a while how to figure out how to do this in Unity). I have a working inventory system but I need to add inventory slots, so it's about 90% complete. As of now (23 July), I only have the spawn location but I'm planning on expanding the environment like adding forests for more higher-level trees, a "rocky wilderness" for different ores, a desert (probably for some combat monsters or something, I'll figure it out later), and stuff like that.


Planned Skills as of 23 July:

Right now, these are my planned skills. I may tweak them or add/remove some, but that'll come later

> Woodcutting

> Mining

> Smithing

> Fishing

> Bowyer (Crafting bows)

> Fletching (Crafting arrows)

> Combat Skills (Attack, Defence, Range)

> Agility (Oblivion style, where the more you walk, the more XP you get, and can walk faster)

> Foraging (Elder Scrolls style. Walking around the world gathering ingredients)

> Alchemy (Mainly pointed towards Elder Scrolls style. There'll be an alchemy lab in the world that you can go to.)

> Cooking 


Skills taken into consideration but haven't got a clear decision yet:

> Repairment (Basically the 'Armourer' skill from Oblivion. It's to improve your armour when it's degraded)

> Hunting (Harvesting animals to gather meat and ingredients)

> Mercantile (Getting better prices when you sell/buy items; similar to that in Oblivion)


Leveling System:

The starting level for each skill is 1, and max level is 100. The skills are a bit long to level up (in the much later levels, like 70+) and that's because I don't want players maxing out in a week and getting bored of the game. I ran a simulation of woodcutting with the XP rates, and it takes a bit over 21 hours to get from 1 - 100 if you do NOTHING BUT woodcutting. No sleep; no breaks. With the previous XP rates I had planned (before I even started developing), it would take 4 hours to max woodcutting. Obviously a big difference. I can't do it with all skills because some skills have chance (i.e combat skills, fishing, foraging, and cooking) where you have a chance to fail. If the easiest skill takes about 21 hours (woodcutting/mining) then if we say theoretically, it took 21 hours for all (which it won't), then that's 231 hours of gameplay (not including the skills taken into consideration.) I don't want to make it too easy, but I don't want to make it too long where you eventually just give up your hopes and dreams.


Max Skill Perks:

When you achieve level 100 in a skill, you'll get these "perks."


NOTE: You can ONLY access one perk at a time until you achieve max level (all skills maxed) where you access all of them at once and they're enhanced by x2 (fishing and cooking have no effect, since you can't enhance them any farther)


> Level 100 Woodcutting: Obtain 5 logs at once (good for selling or fletching/cooking)

> Level 100 Mining: Obtain 5 ores at once (good for selling or smithing)

> Level 100 Smithing: Only need 1/4 of the bars to make the item (ex: 30 bars to make Item A; 100 smithing --> 7 bars to make item A)


NOTE: With the smithing perk, if it's a decimal (like in the example), it won't be rounded; it will just be the first digit. 7.5 = 7; 7.8 = 7, etc.


NOTE #2: If anything that requires less than 4 bars is made, you only need one bar. (ex: 3 bars to make Item B; 100 smithing --> 1 bar to make item B)


> Level 100 Fishing: Always catch fish (Without perk: 40% chance of catching one)

> Level 100 Cooking: Never burn food (Without perk: 40% chance of burning)

> Level 100 Foraging: Obtain 5 ingredients at once (good if your alchemy level is low, or if you want to sell to shops to make a profit)

> Level 100 Alchemy: Potions are 3x stronger

> Level 100 Combat stats:

-- 100 Range: Bows do 3x more damage

-- 100 Defence: Armour is 3x stronger

-- 100 Attack: Swords do 3x more damage

> Level 100 Bowyer: Able to craft legendary bow

> Level 100 Fletching: Able to craft legendary arrows

> Level 100 Agility: Never miss in combat; minimum damage increased by 2x (yes, I'm aware you train this by running around. But I think doing all that work just to walk faster is a bit dumb. So I made it apply to something much more useful :) )


> The Completionist Perk: All perks will be activated at once and enhanced by 2x (weapons do 6x damage, bowyers can craft the Zyrth God Bow  and Zyrth God Arrows, it takes 1/8 of the bars to craft in smithing, minimum damage is increased by 4x, etc.)


Being a completionist sounds very OP, which is why I plan to add an area with strong bosses available to completionists so they don't get bored after spending many many hours working just to quit the game. Need to try and keep it a bit interesting, maybe add some rare items/collectables.


Last thing to say before you get your hopes up too high:

Just keep in mind that this is a SOLO project. One developer. I don't know how to animate anything, so gameplay may be a bit dull, but hopefully that doesn't take away too much from the experience of playing. I'll do my best to make it worth playing.


And just as this sounds, this is a pretty huge project, it will take LOADS OF TIME to finish. But I just want to see if people are actually interested in playing before I spend all these hours developing and then everyone is like "This game sucks." <-- which I can't control of course, everyone has different opinions.


Also, being an only developer with no experience in animating, just don't expect gameplay like Elder Scrolls (obviously), it will be pretty basic. Sorry to disappoint.


Before you say it:

I know there's probably someone like "This is too huge of a project for one person to do (well)." Yes, I understand that. The gameplay will be fairly basic and nothing extreme. I just want something to do in my spare time (which I have too much of) and this is the perfect project for me :)


An early screenshot of the environment (this was when I first made the map. Just showing what it will look like during gameplay)



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