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Cascade Quest

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Hi guys! I'm officially announcing my upcoming game Cascade Quest, hopefully ready late this year.
Cascade Quest is classic graphic adventure game with a text parser interface that takes you through the wilds of the Northwest. The inspiration is from the early Sierra games like Space Quest and King's Quest. Think of the humor of the Space Quest series, but set in a forest and mountain environment.
I'm developing it with SCI Companion and it currently runs inside Unity in an interpreter I wrote - so I should be able to ship it on any platform (as long as it has a keyboard). Currently I'm targeting PC and Mac.
The game content is currently about 80% complete, and I'm hoping to release by the end of this year. Follow me on twitter to keep up to date with screenshots and news!
I'll also be looking for playtesters soon, so follow me on twitter and message me if you're interested.
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