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Looking For Programing Work/experiece/teachings

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Hey ,
?I am looking to fill a position that will allow me to enhance and grow my programming skills in a team or partnership. I am extremely dedicated and am a strong beliver in effort and self-determination. I have since a child dreamt of becoming a Lead World breaking Call of duty building , Rise on Nations master Game Designer but as I have aged have slowly grown to see the practicality of doing what I want to do. Before I go further into what I'm looking for I just want to say a little bit about my self to give you an idea of my position. This next paragraph isn't relevant so you can skip to the third if you wish
I live in Australia Melbourne , my mother and I had to move to Australia from New Zealand  for stupid reasons. I have been here for 6 years now , and moved here when I was ten. I always dreamt of becoming a Game Developer and will never give up on that ideal scenario in my head. I recently left school which had a huge impact on my life and my relationship with my mum , I left because my school only supported 1 programming subject for year 11 and one for year 12. I left school and immediately tried to move into a Certificate IV in Information Technology and Networking then into a Diploma of Software Development , but fell short because I wasn't eligible for Government funding because I wasn't an Australian Citizen and my mother doesn't have enough money to pay for it. In one month I tried my hardest to get a job and gain enough money to pay for it , but manage to land an under the table Tiling job that had me work irregular hours , 6 days a week and for 350$ a week. Knowing that I was being ripped off I quit the job and tried to go back to school , I went back to school and got denied re-entrance into year 11 for I had missed out on too many core assessments , assignments and tests and was given the chance to repeat year 10 in order to re-do year 11. I declined the offer and continued to look for a new job to get a computer and pay off for both a computer and the Certificate and Diploma. Luckily my old friend from schools dad offered me a job to work in a factory. I am 16 and am working in an Aluminium Production Factory(Extrusions is the name of the company)  from 6am to 3pm (Monday to Friday) I received my first pay and straight away bought a Computer so that I can study and do work on.


Anyway , I am intrested in almost every single game except mystery puzzle solving games. I am the strongest and most dedicated worker and am looking for a team to join for pay or even just experience , I need to put a foot In the door some how and I need help from some one to get me there. I programmed a lot in GML ( Game Maker language ) and have spent days on end in the free library computers studying C# . Even though I havnt had a personal computer .I believe I am at that level on understanding in which I know how things can be done or I understand how things work and what stuff does I just don't know how to implement or use those skills in languages such as C# , or Java . GML I believe I am very strong and can write code efficiently in.


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