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How To Search A Quadnode Fast?

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If the maximum level of division is 6, and I start off at the root,

If I search if the point intersects with the current quadnode's bounding box,

the worst case is 24 iterations, am I correct?

If I sort the bounding boxes in advance, and use a binary search,

the maximum speed is 12 iterations, right?


In the octree case, the worst case is doubled, to 48 iterations,

with binary search of 24 iterations in the worst case?


Is it possible to use a position, just any positions, as a hash key....

I think it's only possible if the array is fixed size, I don't know how to do it if the octree is sparse



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If you get the integer position of the node in tree-space, subsequent bits (1 for each axis, 2 total for quadtree) will index into the correct child node (as if it was 2x2 array).

So on nth level, read nth bit of position on each axis (first bit is most significant bit - make sure the zero pos is in middle of integer range like with signed ints)

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