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Square Mountain

[Pc] No Trace - Top Down Action Stealth - Dare To Be Digital 2016 Trailer

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Here's our first trailer for No Trace.


No Trace is a stylised top down action stealth game set in the near future. Meticulously plan your approach and assassinate target(s) without detection or go in all guns blazing with precision gun-play. Infiltrate, kill, and vanish. How you complete the mission is up to you, agent.

Study your target's profile, observe them and case the environment. Discover weaknesses that can be exploited such as, habits, behavioral patterns, and potential ‘death traps’, using many creative and inventive ways to silently move through the environment and assassinate your target.

Activate inspection mode at any point to pause the game, and freely move the camera around the level to find points of interest, see character profiles, and plan your approach.

Explore how each assassination chips away at Agent Sonder’s psyche and reveals the emotional toll of being a trained assassin.


Key Features

  • Low poly art style.
  • Art direction and top down camera combine to give a unique spin on the genre.
  • Randomly generated NPC profile's with randomly assigned traits make every playthrough unique.
  • Inspection mode allows the player to pause time and scan the environment to plan the perfect approach.
  • Precision gunplay.
  • Disguise system.
  • Distractions and high tech gadgets.




Palmeras Nightclub (Barcelona)


[attachment=32723:Palmeras Dancefloor.jpg][attachment=32722:Palmeras Casino.jpg][attachment=32726:Palmeras Plaza.jpg][attachment=32725:Palmeras Lobby.jpg][attachment=32724:Palmeras Loading Bay.jpg][attachment=32721:Palmeras Backstage Alleyway.jpg]

Check out our development blog on our website to find out more and follow us on social media to stay up to date with No Trace. Any feedback is welcome :) thanks for reading!

Website: www.square-mountain.com
Twitter: twitter.com/SqrMountain
Facebook: facebook.com/SqrMountain

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Photographer's Mansion (Malibu)


[attachment=32769:Mansion Lounge.jpg]


[attachment=32767:Mansion Bathroom.jpg]


[attachment=32766:Mansion Balcony.jpg]


[attachment=32768:Mansion Dressing Room.jpg]



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