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Happy SDE

Game Engine Advice

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I decided to implement FPS like Unreal/Doom.

I’ve already implemented DX11 renderer: SSAO, Shadows, GBuffer, ….

Right now I can place objects in space via text editor, have flying camera, can fire rockets/bullets (without collision detection).


And now I am lost.


I found that I have no idea about scene management, object interaction, and particularly engine design (just concentrated on rendering).

Googling for last 6 hours brought more chaos to my head.


For current stage I decided to skip AI: let all enemies/objects be static, or move circles.


I am looking for any good (modern & efficient) information in any form like:

  1. Good presentation (like Sigraph’s), about game engines.
  2. Good article(s).
  3. Reference to good books about game engine(s).
  4. Open source FPS with good design to learn good practices.

I am native to C++, have no experience to languages like python/lua yet =(

Also I would like do it by myself, not using something like Unity.


Thanks in advance.

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Here is a good book on game engines, written by one of Naughty Dog's programmers:

I'm afraid that I will unRecommend that book.I have to admit that a havent read it(Just a few topics here and there). The book contains a lot of trivially google-able knowledge that is applicable to amolst any type of programming, sure those skill are 100% a must, but the book won't eduacate you anything about the large topics that are really hard and needed (editor and all that goodness around it, how does it blend with the game world, undo/redo, asset management, different approches to different game types, ect..) Correct me if I'm wrong.

unfortunately I have nothing to recommend in exchange, I tend to develop something in my head and comapre it with what others have done, then I try to weight the pros/cons and If possible blend the ideas or come up with new one.



A few suggestions from my point of view.... At work I write a lot code for 3ds Max and Maya. Those tools are pretty powerful, and they already have a lot a of the things that you would need for your game. A thing that you could do is to implement your level editor in 3ds Max Maya. Writing plugins for those is not that hard (and will teach you about the real world problems of the level editors, as those softwares are good but not perfect). Additionally I do not know for 3ds Max, but with Maya you can directly link your game with it, and create a hot link between them for fast iterations(there were several approches, one on the top of my head is sockets).

I don't know but there might be a simialr functionally for Blender.

Otherwise you could write a miniamal editor yourslef, however I do not have any tips as I'm struggling to write one currently myself.


EDIT : About the book. I've read a few chapters of that book(a firend of mine gave me the book for a couple of days), not the whole book. Additionally to corrent myself, I do think that the knoledge shared in the book is very helpful, but I don't think it would be that benefitial to Happy SDE.

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Thank you guys!


I found all 3 books (Gregory, Nystrom, and McShaffry), and for next couple of days I will study them.

I think it's a good starting point.


If someone have found useful presentation on real game engines, or open source FPS with good design, please drop a link!

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Game Coding Complete isn't that great at your level. It seems like you're already pretty knowledgeable about what you're doing. But I don't know any books other than the two others that were mentioned above that would replace it now.


To help solve your text editor problem, I recommend taking a look at Sony's ATF library. It's designed pretty well and is easy to use. You can use it to build a level editor and that will make your life a lot simpler.


Another item to take a look at is Garage Game's papers about what they did for Dungeon Siege I. It's pretty good to look over and it gives you plenty of hints about their underlying system.


I'd recommend destiny's talks... but I don't have GDC access (bloody expensive), and their slides about game engine is pretty uninsightful.

A majority of Killzone's GDC talks would be a good thing to look at. And Naughty Dog's slides about threading.



And Packet Pub actually has a really good introduction to AI using Lua and Ogre3D.

Another good option for AI would probably be AI Gamedev, which has/had(?) a free lesson series about AI.

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Also, don't forget to that you can download REAL working game code that has been open sourced.  Almost all of it is "bad" as in, you won't want to copy it ... but just skimming the layout and main files can help you think of things you may not have considered ...


There an Open Source RTS Engine (Spring), John Carmack open sourced Quake and I think some newer ones too.  If you look at what games are available as FPS packages on most linux's you'll find 3 or 4 Quake 3 / Unreal Tournament clones.  All of which are open source I think (just google "linux first person shooters" to find a quick list).


Good luck.

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