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[Ios][Free] Ninja Dude Vs Zombies - Fast-Paced Tap'n'slash Arcade Action

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Hello, everyone!  ^_^ 


Here at AdoreStudio we're pleased to announce that Ninja Dude vs Zombies, our endless tap'n'slash zombie arcade game, has been successfully released on the AppStore! (featured twice: on the main page in 'New Games We Love' and 'What We're Playing Today'; and reviewed by TechCrunch)


 Ninja Dude vs Zombies is the unique blend of upside-down 'Timberman' and never-before-seen gameplay:  (Android release to follow)




Game description: 

A brave ninja is trapped on a tower surrounded by hordes of bloody zombies. He has to survive this zombie invasion with the help of his thick-and-thin shurikens.


The player’s main goal is to kill as many zombies as possible by tapping on both sides of the screen.


Ninja Dude vs. Zombies stand-out features:


?       Dive right into smooth, nonintrusive hard-core action. Easy to start, hard to get unhooked;

?       Unlock more than 100 cute ninja heroes each with their own features and settings;

?       Simple and easy controls;

?       Fast-paced gameplay might seem easy at first, but it gets trickier as you go along;

?       Share a juicy zombie kill or record with your friends;

?       Complete various daily missions and earn gold coins.



The game is free-to-play with IAPs. 

Official website:


Here is the release trailer of our game:



Social proof:

"Adore Studio did an excellent job changing up a game in an over saturated genre. It’s got a really cute art style and a ton of different themes. (With more on the way.)" (@Snappzilla)


"mindless enough to play for a few rounds on the go or when you just want a quick break"(@TechCrunch)


"The gameplay is even better than what I thought. The line on the tower is genius!

"I like that the difficulty increases in progression and with each wave it's harder to survive" (user reviews on TouchArcade)


"There is nothing like it in the AppStore and is really fun to play" (user reviews on the AppStore)


Ninja Dude vs Zombies on Facebook:

Ninja Dude vs Zombies on Twitter:


Please share your thoughts, impressions, and suggestions about the game. We'll be more than happy to receive your feedback and make the game better!rolleyes.gif 


Hope you'll love our game!  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r: 

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We've found several bugs in 1.2 update for Ninja Dude vs Zombies

Here's what we fixed: 

• Fixed: Facebook 'Like us' bug;

• Fixed: the game was starting again from the tutorial each new time you opened it. 

• Minor bug fixes and enhancements;

Please leave a rating and give your feedback so that we could make further improvements to the game! And don’t hesitate to send us whatever crazy ideas you have for characters you’d like to play as in the game.  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:

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Hey everyone!

This week we had a meeting devoted to the next update for Ninja Dude vs Zombies. 

Here's a little sneak-peek of what we're thinking of:
  • - epic zombie BOSSES;
  • - option to play as a zombie;
  • - coin doubler;
  • - some kind of blockers to stop zombies;
  • multiplayer mode

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We're really excited to get out game covered by @JonboyGames! Seems he enjoyed playing!wink.gif Hope you'll love that too!biggrin.gif


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We got our first interview! 


You can read it on Edamame Club and learn why cookies are so important and where it's all started for Ninja Dude vs Zombies! cool.gif

We answer the following questions:

  • - Why did you decide to make Ninja Dude vs Zombies?
  • - What programming language and or software did you use when making Ninja Dude vs Zombies?
  • - What was the hardest problem you needed to overcome when developing Ninja Dude vs Zombies?
  • - Where do you get your inspiration or ideas from?
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We've been working hard these days on the multiplayer feature of our game.


Please have a look at our current progress:




We realize there is still a lot of room for improvement and are open to any constructive critics or random ideas how to make it better.

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