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Fat Harry White

Show me the way

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Howdy swingers, What do you guys think of CD3DApplication (d3dapp.cpp) that comes with the SDK? Is it a good base to build a release worthy game on? Have any of you shoe-horned DirectInput into CD3DApplication? Can you show me how you did it? Otherwise, can anyone produce a production worth framework that just gets D3d and DI up and running so I can see how to do it properly? I''m using DX8. Thanks in Advance, Fat Harry.

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in one word: NO.

I use it as a model, but it completely doesn''t fit my style of c++ classes. It''s got a lot of useful features, but I personally wrote my own and "borrowed" ideas on how to approach from it. That way my class is the way I want it and it''s actualy smaller.

I''d post my code, but it''s mine , also I think you wouldn''t get the flow it easily...


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The framework wizard that comes with the 8.1 SDK is a nice way of quickly getting a project together. In addition, it will add DirectInput for you if you want it. I think its a good place to start, especially if you are learning, unless you need something more, because it takes care of all the initialization and lets you get to work on the 3d programing and game logic. Plus all of the code is there to look at and learn from.

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it depend of what your goal is. If you are interested about some basic game (tetris) and/or whant to study DX write your hown
If you want to write some *hugh* game (I mean not a tetris but thing like a small simulator or other RPG which is *Hugh* for a single person)

I would say definitively ********Yes********

It will save you a lot of time while it already solve a lot of problem you can encounter while running your game. (message loop and other stuff)

Of course you may customize it some to get an app that start fullscreen with a config file and to allow the user to go to an option screen in game to change the res.

I had done this in two day after some study of the d3dframework
I would say also that if you don''t understand what''s inside
the framework I doudbt you can write a whole game so at least study it carrefuly before writing your hown framework.
(running it step by step in debug mode is the best method immo)

I didn''t get trouble to Add Directinput but I cheated some:
I took the CDX dinput class and just changed the interface from DX7 to DX8 it work really fine while it was tested/writed by generation of programmer. (For recall CDX is (was?) a DX7 wrapper maintened by a whole bunch of programmer just search at google about CDX and grab the Dinput class.)

As a lot of message here already say "don''t reinvent the wheel"
if you want to write a whole game use whatewere you find to help you. By experience writing a game is a looong process and
at the end you will become mad about it and all the problem you will encounter... this kill a lot of project.
So Save time and trouble every time you can.

My two cent


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