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Yura Sinyov

[Free Webgl Demo][Wip] Pilam Sky

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Pilam Sky is a singleplayer 2D platform game with steampunk setting and micromanagement elements. The game is designed for Android and iOS but there is the possibility to port the game to other platforms, like Win, Mac and Linux, or even consoles (dreams, sweet dreams...)
Pilam Sky is a command battle of air balloons for one of three nations (at the moment) against pirates. The game provides a micromanagement element when operating air balloons upgrades in a team play. Allied air balloons are controlled by AI.
Screenshots (clickable, imgur):
Alpha trailer

WebGL demo
Keyboard + mouse:
Mouse requires only in hangar, sorry about that
WASD or arrows: movement, QE or ZX: cannons (left, right), space: special attack, left or right shift: bonuses inventory (wasd or arrows to select in inventory, 'space' to confirm), ESC: menu.
Gamepad + mouse (testing only on xbox 360 controller)
Mouse requires only in hangar, sorry about that
Left stick - movement
X and B - cannons (left, right)
A - special attack
Y - bonuses inventory (left stick to select in inventory, 'A' to confirm)
start - pause
"Let's play" by incredible man - Alex Zenko

Feel free to comment and play free demo. We need your feedback :)
If you want to make review or "Let's play" on our game, just send me a message with your device spec (win, mac or linux) and I will send you a standalone build. Feel free to contact me through PM

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