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Prevent Reassignment Of Handle

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I have registered a type in angelscript with a property that is a handle to an object:


RegisterObjectProperty("SomeType", "Object@ obj", 0);


That object's memory is handled by the application.


I would like to prevent script writers from assigning another object to that handle, without making the object constant. For example:


SomeType@ a = ...;

SomeType@ b = ...;


a.obj.value = 4; // Script can edit obj


a.obj = b.obj; // I want this to fail


It needs to be a handle, because SomeType.obj may refer to another SomeType's obj. I just don't want the script to be able to change which object it refers to. Is there a way I can do this?

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Well one thought comes to mind. In C/C++ you can define an objects assignment operator to be private. In angel script the syntax I pulled from their docs looks something like this:

obj@ opAssign(const obj &in other)
    // Do the proper assignment
    // Return a handle to self, so that multiple assignments can be chained
    return this;

So you could try something like this: (Treat this as psuedocode as I am not sure if the syntax is correct)

class myObj
    private myObj opAssign(const obj &in other) { return this; } 

I'm guessing for the most part here as to the functionality of the code I have just given you. Since I've never written a line of AngelScript ever before :P

I'm viewing this from a C++ perspective, but according to the docs, and what it seems your asking for is well within the scope of the language.


In case my explanation is not par, take a gander from where I sourced it.





Marcus Hansen

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