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Towards The Pantheon [2D Rpg]

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In the making of Towards The Pantheon part 6, lead developer Connor O.R.T. Linning teases some new soundtrack demos, discusses his latest set up, answers questions from viewers, and talks about broken umbrellas and expensive cars!

Find more info about Towards The Pantheon at 

Download the prequel game Towards The Pantheon: Escaping Eternity free now from Steam,, and Gamejolt!

Towards The Pantheon on social media:

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After almost two years of grueling full time development the anticipated 2D RPG Towards The Pantheon has a release date of May 16th, 2018. While lead developer Connor O.R.T. Linning had been thinking of dates between April and June for quite some time, the date was solidified during a shower one morning and the Lagwagon song ‘May 16th’ from the legendary Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 soundtrack began playing.

Development of Towards The Pantheon started when lead developer Connor O.R.T. Linning collected a long list of RPG clichés and decided to avoid as many of them as possible while designing his game. Gone are elemental types, elixirs, elves, inns, and generic love stories. Instead players of Towards The Pantheon will ride hamsters, journey through a survival horror inspired mansion, collect dead memories, make new friends, and partake in regular chats around the campfire. Artist Leandro Tokarevski joined soon after to create the pixel art for the entire world using a palette of only 16 colors resulting in a vibrant and distinct world full of charm.

Towards The Pantheon follows the journey of Freyja the warrior, Bam the cat, Mishima the electropunk, and Phenez the ghost as they strive to defeat the source of a malevolent regime The Sworn Light at The Pantheon. To make the gameplay of Towards The Pantheon more unique, elements of adventure and survival horror genres have been implemented. The standard HP/MP system for party members has been altered so that every character has their own stat system. For example Phenez the ghost only has Necropoints which means that he must hurt himself to be able to attack, and Bam the cat has Energy Points which are restored by snoozing or using catnip.

With a world containing over 10 distinct regions to explore, 45 enemies to battle, 80 soundtrack songs to experience, hundreds of items to collect, hundreds of NPCs to interact with, and over 15 hours of gameplay, Towards The Pantheon is the unique type of game for those looking for a new and fresh adventure.

In October 2017 the horror/mystery themed prequel game Towards The Pantheon: Escaping Eternity was released for free and received an 89% positive score on Steam. The game was praised by reviewers and streamers for its original premise and dark atmosphere.

Towards The Pantheons release date of May 16th also brings lead developer Connor O.R.T. Linnings journey full circle. 15 years ago he spent his time at school creating an episodic pixel art story accompanied by trading cards that he distributed among his friends named ‘May 16th’. Now at age 26, he’s bringing that same love and dedication to storytelling and game development to Steam,, and Gamejolt. Towards The Pantheon can now be added to your Steam Wishlist!

Press Kit:
Steam Page link:

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 After almost 2 years of 90+ hour work weeks, the exciting new game Towards The Pantheon is out now on Steam &!


Towards The Pantheon is a turn based 2D RPG with unique twists on the classic formula. Gone are genre standards of elemental types, elixirs, elves, inns, and generic love stories. Instead players of Towards The Pantheon will ride hamsters, journey through a survival horror inspired mansion, collect dead memories, eat copious amounts of sushi, and partake in regular chats around the campfire.


In Towards The Pantheon, a group known as The Sworn Light have been gaining power throughout the world through divide and conquer tactics. While the humans, felines, electropunks, and ghosts argue amongst themselves, The Sworn Light are taking advantage of each situation in order to take ultimate control. One day Keltoi village chief Wuotan summons his strongest warrior Freyja to embark on a long and dangerous journey. Her mission is to trek towards The Pantheon to defeat the source of The Sworn Light before the world falls into chaos. Along the way Freyja and her party will battle deadly enemies, make new friends, and encountered long forgotten horrors!


Features include:

  • Over 10 hours of gameplay including sidequests and myriads of secrets.

  • Unlockable NewGame+ mode and cheat codes for additional replay value.

  • Ability to switch between party members in the overworld to use their unique mechanics.

  • An eclectic original soundtrack consisting of over 65 songs which incorporate elements from orchestral, noise, drone, breakbeat, and chiptune genres.

  • A massive fully connected overworld with the ability to ride Speedsters to cut down on backtracking.

  • Turn based combat system where each character has unique battle stats and mechanics.

  • Collectible cards and combos found throughout the world that can be used during battle.

  • More than 10 regions to explore including lush forests, cities full of kitties, electropunk metropolises, barren wastelands, and a dark mysterious mansion.

  • Dialog and support systems that allow for further character development and stat boosts.

  • A unique and complex overarching story line that ties together all subplots and backstories.

  • Over 45 unique enemies and a dozen boss battles.


We hope you enjoy the game!

Towards The Pantheon on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, IndieDB, Twitch, Google+

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