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Indie Dev-Specific Funding

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Hi everyone,
I am trying to gauge level of interest and get some feedback on an idea I have had.
I am considering starting a funding website that is SPECIFIC to game developers and much more fluid and versatile in the way it procures funds for them.  Much less a Kickstarter and much closer to Patreon, but tailored specifically to indie developers.  It could be funding based per month or even requesting funding for very specific things related to game development.
I also was toying with the idea of having a 'team building' section of the site in which an artist or a programmer can find the rest of their 'team' to work with and then bring their idea right into the funding section of the site when they are ready.
Thank you!

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You don't need to gauge the interest from this community. Of course this community is hungry for any
source of funding and people. The problem isn't getting devs interested. Your real problem is whether
your new site can attract people who'll donate money.

ABSOLUTELY, if you create a site for devs to get funded, you'll be flooded with interested devs and
project submissions.
ABSOLUTELY, if you create a site where aspiring artists and aspiring programmers can seek paying work,
you'll be flooded with resumes.
These are not questions that need to be asked.

But how are you going to prove your ability to deliver on the expectations of devs, artists, programmers,
and investors? How will your site's submission policies differ from those of Kickstarter and Patreon et
al? That's the thing you need to concern yourself with. Edited by Tom Sloper

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Thank you for your response.  I thought it still important to sort of ask around and get a general feel for what people think.


Yes, I agree and setting this apart from Kickstarter or Patreon will be my main focus.

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