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Dr Pain

Vertex data

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First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there! I''m attempting to get the bounding box for the screen coordinates of a 3D object. First I transform the object with PR_TransformEntity(), then I loop through all the vertices'' vx and vy members, saving the min and max. This works about 2/3 of the time. The other 1/3, all the vertex information is zeroed! It seems to be 100% consistent as to which object I''m using. For instance, the sample trees from PR4 all seem to work fine, but the log does not. I copied Nature.dat from one of the examples, and have not modified it. The data I''m looking at is: entityNodePtr->Info.object->Info.Shape[0]->segment_list->face_list->vertex1->vdata->vx I''ve also looked at all the other vertex/bbox data members for these objects, and most of them are zeroed. entityNodePtr->Info.object->Info.Shape[0]->bbox has what looks like valid numbers. entityNodePtr->Info.object->Info.Shape[0]->segment_list->vertex_list->vdata is zeroed entityNodePtr->Info.object->Info.Shape[0]->segment_list->vertex_data is zeroed What am I doing wrong? Dave

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Those structures are only filled in if you use the PR pipeline.

Also if the segment fails the bounding box test this will fail unless you set the flag which ignores the test.


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