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Twelve Absent Men [Pc] Legal Drama - Pics!

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Twelve Absent Men has been released!

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.atreyugames.twelveabsentmen

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/twelve-absent-men/id1161909446?mt=8




Twelve Absent Men is a satirical legal adventure game with comedic characters, an enthralling storyline and a polished, modern cartoon look. Solve puzzles, confound witnesses and outwit the state prosecutor in this race to that crucial verdict: not-guilty!






Inspired by the legal drama genre, the game combines elements of satire and humour with the seriousness of a court of law. It is self-aware in following the “mythic” traits of legal dramas: that law is comedic, justice is swift, the right side always wins and judges have an (almost) infinite amount of patience.


Check out the mobile version site: http://atreyugames.com

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A bit more information about the project:


Twelve Absent Men features an innovative take on game-ifying the rules of evidence! The unique use of witness testimony allows players to pit witnesses against each other – using one witness to challenge the credibility of another, poking holes in alibis and raising questions of who really committed the crime.


We were recently featured on TouchArcade: http://toucharcade.com/2016/08/09/the-upcoming-twelve-absent-men-will-combine-satire-with-courthouse-drama/



A new diner image:



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Hey Everyone,


We're just working on the upcoming trailer for the mobile version of Twelve Absent Men!


Thought I'd share some screenshots of the opening scene, with the murder victim Todd Lane and an unusual bunch of suspects. :)















Check out the mobile site: http://atreyugames.com

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Hey all,
Keen to share a bit more about the game. :)

General Features:
  • Slick, modern cartoon look, with original characters, backgrounds and animations.
  • Satirical, comedic narrative, with a focus on witty, back-and-forth dialogue.
  • Detailed and enthralling introductory video – showcasing the scene of the crime in classic detective fiction style.
  • Incredible original soundtrack and effects.
Gameplay Features:
  • Logic puzzle gameplay. Find the best way to win the case!
  • Examination, objections, cross-examination and other forms of interaction!
  • Ability to use prior witness testimony as evidence!
  • Ability to call up witnesses in the order you would like to examine them!
  • Judge anger meter – with the possibility of being thrown out of court!
  • Key decision moments where players can affect the endgame with a few possible endings!

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Hey all,
Been hard at work reworking the backgrounds to make them 2d/cartoonish.  :gentleman:
Take a look at how it's going:
Feel free to provide any feedback on how it could be improved.
Also check out our mobile site: http://atreyugames.com

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