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I ( Programmer ) Want To Get Experience

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Hey Guys,


first some things about me. I'm a 24 year old programmer from germany. I finished my jobtraining a year ago and now i wanted to grow, increase and form my knowledge about programming. Therefore i'm looking for a small project, which i could help progress during my freetime. Currently I'm working mainly with xBase++ at work but i want to learn other programming languages. Through school i already have some basic knowledge about Java, working with SVN and php with html.


What I'm looking for is a team with a project that could help me either learn a new programminglanguage or develop my knowlegde in java, html and php even more. If it's a new language don't expect much from the beginning but i'll keep working hard to help in all that's needed. 


What you can expect from me is a hard working, enthusiastic, friendly programmer that helps where he can and want to know a lot of things about programming. For time i have around 1-4 hours a day ( mostly after work ) of freetime i could invest in your project. At the moment i have no preferences towards any programminglanguage so I'll learn what's needed to help in your project. And one thing, my english might not be the best but it should work to communicate with a team.


If you need more infos or have questions or want to have me in your team just answer here in the forum, i'll provide contact informations via pm then.


Best Regards


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Hey Navyman, sorry for the late answer. Had some problems with my internet provider and then some small holidays. No i havn't worked with UE before. All I've done so far is written in the first post.

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