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Jump To The Middle - Puzzle Game

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Hey everyone,
This is my first published android game.
It's a simple puzzle game (based on Chinese Checkers) , solve levels by jumping over balls like checkers and try to get your last ball to the middle.

Great time killer, and lets see how far can you get? challenge a friend, try to be the top player among your friends.

It's get very difficult in the advanced levels!

Have fun, give feedback, invite friends and if you like the game, rate it :)


[attachment=32844:Screenshot_2016-08-08-18-02-02.jpg][attachment=32845:Screenshot_2016-08-08-18-02-14.jpg][attachment=32846:Screenshot_2016-08-08-18-02-43.jpg][attachment=32847:Screenshot_2016-08-08-18-03-11.jpg] Edited by AndroidFreak94

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