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Zombie Rollerz - Roll Them All Over...with A Pinball! (Closed Beta Coming Soon)

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Zombie RollerZ - Roll them all OVER...with a pinball! (Closed beta coming soon)
Hi guys! We are Zing Games, the developers of Zombie RollerZ. Zombie RollerZ is a game that mashes pinball, zombies, and RPGs together. Please keep reading if that sounds interesting to you.
Zing Games is an independent video game studio based in Chicago, and Beijing.  Zing Games has developed and published several iPhone games and Facebook games.  Our games include the Mr. Runner and Professional Police Training series, both of which were featured by Apple and hit the No.1 free app spot in many countries.
Here are the features of the closed beta for Zombie RollerZ:
- High quality 3D game art.
- Brand new game mechanics compared to the market.
- 50+ challenging PVE levels.
- 10+ challenging puzzle levels.
- 6 available heroes with different ball effects and elemental powers.
- 4 kinds of PowerUps. Become unstoppable!
- 10+ types of zombies and elite variations providing unique game mechanics. 
- 2 huge and dangerous bosses. 
- Endless survival mode. Roll them all over!
- Long term plan. More diverse content will be added to the game.
The closed beta version is coming very soon!  If you want to take part in the closed beta of Zombie RollerZ, stay tuned on our Facebook page and Twitter for weekly updates.
If you want to play the game before anyone else, just let us know! We need more testers after all. Feel free to contact us on Facebook,Twitter, or here of course, you can leave a comment down below. We will read all the comments and and update this thread periodically.
Here are some screenshots and a game-play demo video:

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