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Fbx Files And Multiple Animation Stacks

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Hello!  :)


I bought a resource pack online which contains a huge set of skinned animations in the FBX format. My converter which converts FBX files into my own custom file format is already able to process a lot of information and even animations already work. However, so far I only dealt with FBX files which contained a single animation. Therefore, I could "simply" use the EvaluateGlobalTransform function to get the transformation from my cluster's linked node at a given time.


However, (as far as I can see) this approach fails with multiple animation stacks, because I can't select which animation stack shall be used. From a sample of the FBX SDK I know there is another way to get animation information by using the LclTranslation, LclRotation and LclScaling properties of a given node and a given animation layer. My problem is, that I have no glue what the result vectors mean. Sure, I get a translation, rotation and scaling for each joint for each of my animations for each key time. However, I do have any idea on which level this transformation is. So, which other transformations do I need to consider, for example.


So, my question is: How do I process multiple animation stacks in a FBX file correctly? What I would love to have is the global transformation matrix of a given joint, at a given time using a given animation layer (of a given animation stack).

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