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Hello, my dear friends! Can you please help me with Blender+Unity tutorials. There are lots of Blender tutorials of modelling and so on, but i cant find Blender tutorials where i can understand how to make 3d models for games, for example: character, weapons and buildings. Lots of them in Russia(where i live now) are badly translated and repeated from American tutorials, so, if you know some great ones, please, tell me) 

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Free tutorials will cover piece by piece, to use them first attempt your model, look at the things you don't understand and then google that item.

So if you make a sword and realize you don't know to get textures on it, you can search how textures work.


Then you will find that a single object uses many textures and you can search Diffuse, Albedo, Specular, Gloss, Normal, Ambient occlusion and Emission maps.

Learning how these textures work and UV mapping, will cover 40% of what you need to know of 3D modeling.


After you know how to make 3D models, then lookup how to use them in Unity.


If you are looking for a foothold start here:


Need to learn Blender first, start here:


For high quality tutorials look here:

And remember that tutorials for other software will work in Blender if you understand how Blender works.



You an also ask for help here.  :)


There are many courses that will explain from start to finish how to make game models, they are expensive and intended for people who want to be 3D modelers, not really aimed at game developers.


Some of Futerpoly tutorials are available for free on the web, so you can first watch a few before buying.

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