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Ost For Tuneria, A Music-Focused Rpg Currently In Development

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You can find select uploads from the game on my soundcloud profile at


I'm creating the soundtrack for a music-focused RPG that's currently in development, Tuneria, which is in the vein of Ocarina of Time, Chrono Trigger, Undertale, and the like. The music has somewhat of a retro feel, with chiptune instruments being used frequently. Follow updates to the game and it's progress at


I'm looking for any feedback or recommendations.



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Hi Chaotrope,


I really like your songlist and I think you have a good combination of quality instruments with chiptune instruments.


My two cents:

- Main Battle theme --> Give me a strong drive to be active with the in-game battle as I can imagine it. Think this one is also good loop-able.

- Thief Ambush --> Give me good feeling of tension. The tempo and accents work good for me

- Forest City Theme --> Gives me feeling of relief and happiness and i like the theme in this one

- Title Theme --> Has a nice epic build, somewhat heroic with some drama accents here and there

- Songsmith Theme --> Sounds to me like a cosy time with a craftsman who is happy with his life. Although this song feels less chiptuny than your other songs. The used flute feels good, but maybe candidate for a more chiptuned version?


I hope my experiences listening to your songs help you go forward.


I'd like to hear more. Thanks for sharing.

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