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Looking To Find A Small Like Minded Team For New Game Creation

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Dave(ElitestNation), I am a business graduate in Canada and I am looking to gather a small team of professionals to make a game. Right now I can't pay anyone so the model would be RevShare. What I can offer you though is my business experience, if you partner with me I can bring my knowledge in marketing, fundraising, operations, and the occasional one liners for comedy relief. 

Now about the project, I would like to build a story driven Action/Adventure game for PC/IOS/Android. I personally would like to have it done in 3D. I want to create an innovative and compelling game experience.

Open Positions:

Level Designer
General Artist

Currently Filled Positions:


If you are interested please feel free to contact me and we can chat, I would like to meet some like minded individuals that are entrepreneurial and innovative, full of ideas. 


:ph34r:  :D ^_^ 

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