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Vrtv - New Plugin & Service For Publishing Streaming Live Cg Rendered Unity Vr Shows

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Hi fellow VR aficionados,

Today we’re going live with our BETA of VRTV - a new service for Unity that allows you to publish fully interactive Unity VR shows that can be instantly streamed to any VR platform.  

Here’s our link: http://www.vrtv.io

In short, VRTV is like a YouTube or Netflix for fully interactive GPU rendered PlayMaker scripted Unity VR shows.

How VRTV works:

  1. You create your content in Unity using our plugin.

  2. You press the “PUBLISH” button, your content is uploaded to our servers.

  3. Anybody using the VRTV Player app for PC or Mac Oculus Rift,Vive you can watch your smooth streaming content instantly.

There are no downloads, no installed apps, and no waiting.

With VRTV, you get the full live interactive VR experience..

  • We run live on the device’s GPU - there’s no video and no latency as with OnLive/GaiKai or other “video” based streaming services.

  • You can walk around in the virtual space, interact with characters or the environment. Even use real time physical effects such as breaking doors or throwing objects. It’s fully LIVE and interactive.

  • Creators can use PlayMaker visual scripting to build whatever they want. A VR TV show or movie, an adventure game, or anything else you can imagine. (And we automagically save the global PlayMaker state to our cloud after each session too!)


And VRTV is not a toy service with tools that don’t scale to large projects.

Our tools are easy to use, but also built for professionals with the features they need to create and manage serious full length streaming VR series, short subjects, and even full length real time CG movies. In short, our tools scale to big projects with many scenes, many characters, and multiple episodes, and allow incremental publishing, packaging and updating of the huge sets of content needed to publish and broadcast live CG shows.


So we’re in beta, and that means bugs, issues, and growing pains. We’ve been testing this service with a small set of alpha-testers for a while, but we can’t guarantee that everything is going to work perfectly.  


However, we have instrumented our tools, server, and our Player Apps with a full suite of analysis and error tracking tools so that we’ll know when things aren’t going right, and we also have direct reporting of issues and bugs in our Player Apps that allow you to directly send us a screenshot (and player logs) when things go wrong.  

Release Notes:





Final Thoughts

Our ultimate vision is to make it easy for talented creators who are passionate about VR like we are to publish and instantly broadcast their amazing work to the world, and to turn VR into a place where everyone (not just hardcore gamers) can easily lose themselves in amazing realtime CG movies, original series, or games that rival the Pixar and Dreamworks movies we see in theaters today.

If you share our vision, come download the VRTV Tools and beta versions of our VRTV Player apps today, try them out, and let us know what you think.

This has been a labor of love, and we really hope you like what we’ve built.

The VRTV Team


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