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Looking to develop 3D character-action game

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Hello all, I'm here to announce that I'm looking for people to help me with developing a 3D character-action style game in Unity 3D. But first, some backstory:


The Premise:


The game takes place in an alternate history scenario where the Roman Empire's sacking in 410 AD led to the Emperor fleeing mainland Europe to for Britannia. Over time a wall was built around most of the island, finalizing their isolation. Over a millennium later, the player controls Taran, a slave out to win his freedom, over the course of his adventure he learns about not only himself and his companions, but the Empire and the world it now inhabits.


The Gameplay


The game (titled Slave Story: Londinium in Flames) will play like what many now call a 'character-action' game. It will take place from a 3rd person perspective involving fast paced, skill-oriented combat. If you'd like an example of what I mean, look to the following games:


- Killer is Dead


- The Bayonetta series.


- Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


- The Devil May Cry series (excluding DmC)


The basic flow of combat will look something like this:


Taran has 3 different kinds of attacks that are each meant to fill specific roles, a sword for dealing high amounts of damage, a wrench for temporarily stunning certain enemies, and a giant hammer for knocking down (or up, if the button is held) certain enemies. For example, let's say that there is a guard who is armed but does not have a shield, the player could in this case either stun them and then kill them using the sword to quickly dispatch them or, for style points knock them into the air with the hammer and juggle them for a few seconds to dispatch them.


So what do I need from you?


Well, that all depends on what you're able to contribute. I'm always looking for talented people to help me actually make the game itself, to that end, I'm looking for the following skillsets:


- Programmers 


- 3D modellers


- Texture artists


But there is something else everyone can do. See, more than anything, I hate the idea of making people work for free, to that end, I've started a gofundme page to help fund the project, you can help by spreading the word, donating, or offering your skills to the project.




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