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Infetic World

Infetic World the game development

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Infetic World is an MMO indie game Open World - survival horror. 

We want to show you the progress of this game and this video shows how the night vision looks... You can see in the complete darkness but you will be affected by short visibility. 
This is one of the dangers of leaving your shelter at night in the Infetic World.

This video was the first prototype and the first video of Infetic World the game, it was uploaded on july, 2014. 

Would you go alone in the darkness at Infetic World? I'm not sure that you dare. 

Remember... Infetic World is our representation of dreams and nightmares of many people. 
Loyalty, betrayal, strong emotions, heart attacks, survival and more These are the feelings we want you to feel, as a real apocalypse against other players. 

What did we do all this time?
May 2014
Doutwelt Games started to plan the project ''Rise of zurvivors''

June, 2014
Early prototypes

July, 2014
Prototype first video ''rise of zurvivors'', now called Infetic World

August, 2015
DoutWelt Team formation

September, 2015
Learning and publishing two games

January, 2016
Name change from ''Rise of Zurvivors'' to ''Infetic World''

February, 2016
Development of the project/game ''Infetic World''

Perhaps you're saying ''why did they change the name Rise of Zurvivors to Infetic World?''

Basically we knew that the old name ''Rise Of Zurvivors'' was very unclear and we wanted to create something unusual, distinct, and here we have The Infetic World.

Hope you like it, leave a comment or suggestions!

To learn more about Infetic World the game 


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