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Does anyone have any resources or tips for animation retargeting?

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Once more, I tried to tackle the problem of animation retargeting for my engine. Since most of the characters do share very similar biology, but their proportions are significantly different enough that just telling one skeleton to use another's animation won't work. And there's plenty of characters with different enough bodies that it'd be absurd to manually retarget all animations from blender, and store them on disk.


I've been scouring google for this information for over a week now. And I haven't had much luck. The only bits I can find are from 1998 which only deals with offline animation. And Spore's paper, which is not as detailed as it could probably be about the matter.

Ubisoft's run-time rig seems pretty good, but the power point only has about twenty words and thousands of pictures. With each of those pictures being demonstrations, rather than hints to what the had done to achieve this effect. And I don't have the funds to drop on GDC membership.


There's destiny's runtime rig. But I'm not even sure about what's going on there. Once again, the actual talks hidden behind GDC memebrship, and the slides are cryptic as hell without the context.


So this brings me to the question. Does anyone have any resources, or tips for animation retargeting?

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