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Q.BO - color swipe reaction puzzle game [iOS]

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The second version of the exciting puzzle Q.BO! Throw Q.BO to the panels with the same color as himself. Three game modes, a completely new design, the game store, the learning mode.
Download it for FREE from AppStore:
1. Standard. This is a classic Q.BO mode from the first version. There are 3 mechanics in the game: Normal, Timer and 30 Q.BO.
2. Circle. The main difference is the circle as colored panels. The circle can suddenly turn so be careful! Circle also has three mechanics: Normal, Timer and 30 Q.BO.
3. Scrolling. The all-new mechanics. Now Q.BO can become invisible for moving through colored panels.
Added learning mode in the first play of the game mode, so you do not get confused.
Put records, and compete with your friends to earn coins to buy new game modes and lives.
Buy lives in game store to set new records!



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