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DUEL - strategic, real-time, multiplayer dogfight

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Hello fellow devs,
for these past few months I´ve been attempting to create a multiplayer competitive game.
Game Description:
I want to deliver a fast-paced game where one match takes just a few minutes, making it easy to get in and get out as player´s situtation dictates.
The game is very minimalistic with just a handful of rules. At the same time it offers enough freedom for a player to devise his own playstyle.
The idea is to be able to see a skill of a player as manifested by a movement of his avatar, a movement of his mouse pointer, how precise he is in casting combos, and quality of his strategy in placing walls. There are no hidden numbers, no levels, no items, no randomness (apart from "energy quests" generation).
The winning condition is to remove the other player from the playfield. Currently, the match consists of 5 rounds.
In the screenshot below, you can see a match in progress. The two red and blue pillars represent current positions of players mouse cursors, and are used to cast combos, build walls, or collect energy. The two flags are the "FLAG" combos, which capture the playfield in their radius. The radius around the player also captures the playfield, but only temporarily, so it is advised to be always moving to gain an edge on energy replenish rate. The purple fields with arrows represent "THE QUEST" for instant energy gain. It is visible for both players, and the quicker one wins.
The Rules:
  1. The playfield consists of individual fields, which can be captured. Captured field generates energy.
  2. Energy can be used for casting combos. The combo is conjured by holding LMB, and selecting fields in a specific order. Player can make this anywhere in his vision. If successful, combo is cast, and energy is deducted. If player doesn´t have enough energy, nothing happens.
  3. Energy can be used for building walls. The wall is built by pressing RMB on any field.
  4. Energy can be gained instantly by solving "a quest". A quest is a sequence of fields randomly appearing on the playfield. If a player hovers over them in a correct order (as indicated by arrows), the energy is gained.
  5. The last player on the field wins the round.
The Combos:
Currently, there are two combos for testing (there are more, but these are official):
1) Grenade - removes all fields in its radius
combination: S-E-N (selection order of fields: south-east-north)
2) Flag - captures all fields in its radius. Can be removed by the opponent by standing near to it, or casting another flag in its vicinity.
combination: E-N-E
The Request:
I´d like to find out, if this concept is viable. So everyone is welcome to test the game, and share an opinion. The alpha build can be downloaded here: http://kafka.in/duel_0_3.zip
The preferred way to test the multiplayer is to register (NEW USER) with a logname/password, and a nickname. Then, by logging in and clicking CUSTOM GAME, player can select the game (if any present) and click JOIN, or click CREATE to make a new game. Created game has a name of the host´s nickname.
The game can be tested in a single player via main menu option TRAINING - PRACTICE. Here can be also found the game rules, and combinations for combos. The helper for the combo combinations is also displayed in-game in a form of arrows around the mouse cursor while holding LMB.
The network code is incomplete atm, so after the match ends, it is advised to restart the game to play another match.
Thank you for your attention.

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