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Blade Runner-ish city mood not working, could use some direction

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Hey guys, so I'm working on a simple side-scrolling city scene and struggling with the art. I've done an art test using Kenny's free tiles and going after a Blade Runner esque feel but not quite nailing it.
(Click for Bigger)
I know I lack all the Asian stuff but I don't want that. I also don't have the glowy banners (yet), but even with how its looking, I'm not sure that would solve it. I focused on lots of different colors and bloom in a night scene but it doesn't feel right. What am I missing?
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In addition i miss fog and city density.

Your city looks sparse and still too bright, Bladerunner is dark, dense neverending city - no horizion, just more buildings everywhere.

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I agree with the previous posts.

- It's missing some texture \ chaos (graffiti, cracks, billboards etc.)
- The buildings on the background need lights too, else they look like a district under blackout.
- I would change the lighting in some parts, like the roofs. I would also use less smooth gradients, replacing for sharper zones, though I didn't do that in the image below as it would take too much time.


Abuse (DOS, 1995) had some cool grunge visuals:



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