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Graphic/ HLSL debugger in VS 2013 community.....

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Hi all,

I've been struggling and struggling to get the Graphic/ HLSL debugger working in Visual Studio 2013.

What I'm trying do to I start a Graphics diagnostics session and capture all D3D11 events/ details of a specific frame, which normally is done by pressing print screen during runtime, to capture that/ the current frame.


The 1st part goes according to plan, I get the running graphics diagnostics session:\

- then I press print screen or the button 'Capture' (in the VS 2013 IDE)

- then I quit my d3d application


At that moment I see the icon/ part of the screen where the image should be shown, with blue dots going and going.

There should be a screenshot of the captured frame there.

When I press 'Stop' to stop de Graphics diagnostic session, the captured frame part of the screen is gone.

It says that it´s processing the data and when the screen refreshes, I only get the graph with the timeline/ FPS and no captured frames shown below.


Do you have any ideas how to tackle/ solve this?



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Have you tried VS 2015 community edition? It seemed alot more robust in general when I tried it compared to the earlier version.


Still dosn't beat RenderDoc though which imo is better in every way to the built-in VS graphics debugger :p

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Not yet, I might do the upgrade. I'm always a bit careful if all works fine and I don't need have reasons to update. If I do, I hope to keep all settings etc.

Renderdoc works fine, but I also find it handy to debug directly from VS.

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