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Geometry Optimization Libraries?

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Okay, now I am looking into some geometry/mesh optimization libraries.  Specifically for C++.  I'm already familliar with NVTriStrip and TriStripper (I use the latter myself), but what I also need is a library that is capable of taking triangle strips and forming triangle lists as well as taking non-indexed geometry and forming a list of indices to optimize the mesh.  Any libraries capable of doing this?  I'm asking because I have a few old projects that generate meshes the procedural code, and for today's hardware isn't very optimal.  I know there's primitive restart, but support for ES 2.0 devices is limited, and ES 2.0 devices are still in the majority last I checked.


So, any hints would be helpful.  Also any other libraries that you think would be awesome in general would be great!  





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