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How to hire a creative writer?

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My problem is simple: I need a creative writer who will work for next to nothing to improve my first scene (2 pages in manuscript style) in a old-style-point-and-click-style-game.


This would of course be the first of many scenes.


Sadly slavery is abolished (ironi) so I took to upworks first and after that freelancer.


The result is sad: a lot of of freelancers from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Kenay and so on who wants to help me but their spelling is bad and their references are text copied from wikipedia!


So on to my question: Are there any good sites/places where it would be possible to find a rookie creative writer who would like to have a go at it? My price range is between $0-$50 depending on the quality.


Thanks for reading my topic :-)



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Kasper, I moved your post from Writing to Production/Management because "how to hire someone"
is a management question. The word "hire" doesn't apply, if you want a volunteer. If you want
an unpaid volunteer, you should post in our Hobby Classifieds. If you want someone who'll
likely do a better job for you (in exchange for a tiny amount of money), you should post in
our Classifieds.

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