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Looking for particle effect / VFX designer for strategy game

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Our game (War Arcana we have some rather minor UI effects: level up a skill and there's a small particle flash to celebrate it, enter the magician and there are some ambient "particles" floating around in the background and so on.

We don't have any huge ambitions in regards to the particle designs - we're making do with whatever we're able to quickly sketch out in a tool (like this one:

Since the game itself is a turn-based 2D strategy, effects are not essential but still would be nice to have.

Working on this we got to thinking that maybe there are people out there who both

a) like playing around with particle effects (and VFX)
b) would like to get credited in a game – and would do it for free.

If you would like to contribute particle effects/VFX to the game, get in touch with us at You should be able to find your way around a particle editor (or similar) without help, other than that we have no requirements. If you like - and are able to - you could suggest and design other visual effects to enhance the game as well.

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