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PreMake and LUA Help Please.

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I am trying to use PreMake to maintain code on all diferent Visual Studio C++ Express versions  This is what I've done so far, could someone help me with the script and point me in the right direction to accomplish the LUA script?



flags { "ExtraWarnings", "FatalWarnings" , "WinMain" }

-- A solution contains projects, and defines the available configurations
solution "MyApplication"
configurations { "Debug", "Release" }

-- A project defines one build target
project "MyApplication"
kind "WindowedApp"
language "C++"
files { "**.h", "**.cpp" }
links {"ddraw", "dsound", "dinput", "dinput8", "winmm"}

configuration "Debug"
defines { "DEBUG" }
flags { "Symbols" }

configuration "Release"
defines { "NDEBUG" }
flags { "Optimize" }



The solution text and project text are that of the visual studio express's solution and project.



Thank you,



Or maybe there is something easier to try than PreMake?

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