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Recording Vocals without Condenser Mics

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I just want to share my experience. This is about recording impromptu or if you lack the resources/equipment to work remotely and need to get it fixed ASAP.


I was out of my home studio and one of my friends needed a voice over for his short documentary video and asked for my help to record.


Here was our workaround:


- Since I do not have a condenser microphone with me at that time, I used the iPhone's built-in microphone. But it is best to use the (earphone) headset's mic.


- Recorded his voice/vocals in a very small/tight space (room or closet) where there is less smooth surface like walls, ceiling, mirror/glass window that will bounce sound waves that might produce echoes (reverb).


- Edited and processed the recorded vocal track in Adobe Audition on my friend's laptop... add a little filter (low pass/high pass), and a little bit of dynamics processing to minimise any background noise or room reverb. If you don't have Adobe Audition, You can download open-source applications like Audacity for free.


That's it.


Other places for recording vocals that need isolation:


- Inside a car or van in a quiet place

- Storage rooms filled with textiles and other stuff.

- Garage, if possible, in the evening or early morning.


If you can share experiences and you know any other methods or tips, please let me know. Thank you!


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Hi Cardinalzen,


What is your experience with the iPhone's internal mic and why do you prefer to use the headset's mic?


Is the headset's mic so much better? Does it have better noise cancellation? Or is it maybe because you can move this mic better in the vicinity of the singer/sound?


Can you elaborate a little on this?

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