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Good sound libraries for electronic-sounding game music?

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So, there are a lot of composers/arrangers around here who probably know what they're doing in this area, from the music I've heard. :)

My experience so far has only really been with virtual instruments (i.e. synthesizers imitating real-life instruments). I'm interested in finding some good libraries for experimentation with more video-gamey or just generally electronic/synthesized music.


Of course I've come across and experimented with some that come included with the DAWs that I've used (MixCraft and Cubase), but can anyone point me in some directions for some libraries and resources with some good electronic sounds?

Thanks so much!

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Thanks for the advice.


Omnisphere has me interested now since people have been recommending it. Thanks! At the moment I'm still trying to get a new copy of Cubase to get going composing again, and if things start moving in terms of freelance I'll really keep it in mind.


I've definitely been hearing people's work with chiptunes - certainly many clients will probably ask for that stylish stuff too! :)


Thanks all.

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