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Phyersoft's "Barricade"!

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Hey guys!

Currently we are letting folks sample the gameplay of our upcoming arcade puzzle game!


Need To Know Info:
Barricade is a color matching styled puzzle game with light action-shooter elements.  There is support for USB gamepads and rumble! Players must remove blocks from the playing field before their CHARGE meter fully depletes. Charge is regained by destroying blocks. The player must match the color of the bullet with the corresponding block. Depending on which bot is selected. Some blocks may take more hits of the same color. Bullets of a different color will change blocks to the color of that bullet. But keep in mind that even shooting costs a little charge per shot.

So in most cases. 1 block at a time will not cut it. Therefore the player must learn to take out more than 1 block at a time by performing "chains" and ""combos"!

This build has a 1 player ARCADE mode. Which will let you try out the current 4 bots and a few of the levels available. Theres also a MARATHON mode which is a survival challenge to see how far you can make it as you go up in waves and more colors are added!

And last but not least is the 2 player VS mode! This mode is best enjoyed with a friend or 2. Take to a party. Or to a local tournament! You and others will see just how competitive and fun this mode is! So far since debuting at Nashicon2016. This game's VS mode has sparked the "King of the Block" tournament where over a hundred con-goers and gamers coming off other tournament games went head to head! It was all around positive response. And very intense playing as we gotten to the final 8 players.

But hey! Dont take my word for it! Try it out! And see for yourself. ;)

In VS you must try to fill your side of the VS meter before your opponent does. As well as make sure that you dont run out of charge before them! Chains and combos are the path to certain victory here. As executing any of these not only fills your side of the VS meter faster. It also griefs your opponent by jackin' some of their built up meter and giving it to YOU! So if you see anyone getting ready to lower the boom on ya. You best learn some defensive playing too! :lol:

Download Link:

So please do check it out and feel free to pass it along and even do lets plays! Have fun with it and enjoy what may be the next big thing in puzzle gaming!

Check out our website down below. And follow our social media to stay updated as to when the beta launch hits!

And most importantly! Pass it along and PLAY ON!

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