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Dark Forest: Reborn - nextgen romance&adventure oriented text-based rpg

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Hello everyone!
I think it would be nice to get some feedback from experienced players and game developers like you so I decided to post our announcement here. Our crew (one developer and two writers, one native English speaker/writer will behired soon) is developing a game right now:
Dark Forest: Reborn - Escape from the last underground citadel of devastated Earth and find your new world where you will save, romance, trick, betray or even kill people...using magic of words in this immersive text-based roleplaying game!
Key features of Dark Forest: Reborn
1. NPCs that support natural language dialogs powered by modern chatbot's artificial intelligence core introducing emotions simulation and player-NPC relations models.
This means that in our game you will interract with cool characters using dialogs and replics like ‘Hello!’, ‘How are you?’ ‘I am your friend, you can trust me!’, ‘Do you prefer human meat or maybe I should bring some fruits?’
You will test your perception, charisma and conversational skills! Based on your replics and actions, our characters will decide if you are nice person or not. If not, watchout!
2. Unique roleplaying system designed specifically for games with text-based interactions.
Introducing 6 main stats including perception and psychopathy + different perks. Your view of the Dark Forest: Reborn world changes together with your personality. Do or say an evil thing and the world around you will become evil.


You will be able to do a lot of bad things in Dark Forest: Reborn I must add. We will follow the traditions of oldschool roleplaying games in this aspect, Fallout 2 in particular.

3. Nonlinear and replayable game world, compelling story and gameplay designed for both oldschool players and for those who loves nextgen.
4. Game setting inspired by Arcanum and old fallouts with addition of Andre Norton and Stephen King's fantasy novels stylistics.
Distant future. Humanity is doomed. Earth is dying.
You are imprisoned in the sealed citadel deep underground. Old machines give you everything you need to live. You spend your time struggling around the citadel and researching it’s chambers. You almost accepted your strange fate. Tragic accident changes everything.
It appears that you wasn’t imprisoned there alone – a group of brilliant Earth scientists were living in this citadel until the day they all misteriously disappeared. The only thing they left to you is the misterious and monstrous ancient device...
After your adventures you will be judged, and the fate of every character and the world of Dark Forest: Reborn itself will be revealed. Your words and actions will have consequencies. Our game will show you who you really are.
Dark Forest: Reborn mixes classic text adventure / interactive fiction game mechanics with the mechanics of interactions with NPCs via natural language dialogs. For example, in location 'House of Cannibals' you may find daughter of the Cannibals, Qara, 21 y/o slender black-haired girl with tired face who lives with her family in the depths of the forest. Your main task will be to escape the House of Cannibals. 
Qara's motives are not clear at all so it's up to you to choose your way of completing the quest: you can try to capture her and force her to help you, you can try to gain her trust and ask for help or just ignore her and escape the House of Cannibals on your own. Everything depends on your personality, kindness, cruelness or even madness.
Maybe Qara doesn’t like her family and wants to escape the House of Cannibals too? Or maybe she just wants to eat your entire body alone? She definetly prefers red wine so maybe your fate is just to become a part of her dinner...or maybe this girl will be your best friend. Or even girlfriend.
Test your perception, charisma and conversational skills and find out the truth!
No no, this type of ‘flirting’ with NPCs like Qara is not okay. You will learn it after the meeting with her family:


This style is more suitable:


Who we are
One software developer experienced in gamedev and natural language processing aka DarkForestCrow – at your service, two writers, one native English speaker/writer will be hired soon.
We are friendly, our NPCs are not:


Questions to you
Would you like to play such game? Maybe participate in beta test? 
Are you interested in games that allow you to build complex relationships or romances with characters?
I'll post our development updates here. Feel free to comment or find me on my blog where you can subscribe and receive important news about Dark Forest: Reborn project and future beta tests 1/2 times per month. We have our twitter too.
I'll be happy to get your feedback!

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Mini-update #1


Interactive fiction developers have their #screenshotsaturday too. So, here you go:




Do you think I've made a right decision by giving her a bottle? She is from the House of Cannibals, but it seems my protagonist doesn't care.

Edited by DarkForestCrow

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Mini-update #2


In our game you will be able to say tons of random crap things and still have fun:




You also will learn how to flirt with girls. Tutorial 1: the wrong way to do that:



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