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Tiled Resources on DirectX 11.2

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I am doing tiled resources tests and I have discovered that on my AMD Radeon 280X when I 


map my texture 16384x16484 ( 7 mips )  DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8 to a null tile takes

around 15-20 seconds in the startup of the application.


After that if I update around 20 tile mappings it gets to around 30-40 ms in the frame.


Also the times are significantly down if i do not use mapping to a single tile and just map the tiles to null, but still around 3-4ms.


Seems that there is some kind of linear or quadratic dependency in the tile mappings on the number of tiles already mapped.


I have noticed that the tile mappings times are down also when one uses BC1, since it uses less tiles around 2731 instead of 20000+ and is managable to 0.3-0.4ms per frame, which is also slow, since they are just 20 mappings for 1 texture.


On NVidia hardware is much better. I have not been able to find documentation about these timings apart from the fact that they say, batch your tile mappings, which i do already.


So if somebody provides an explanation why there is such a dependency will be great. 


I can post source code, if needed on git hub.


On the internet there is one example of tiled resources from 2013 from Microsoft, which also suffers from this slow down.



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