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Need Team [Text Freeform with Rules]

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I just thought of a wicked text freeform roleplaying idea with rules. This will be highly marketable to text lovers and freeform roleplayers. It's pure gold, and super awesome. I just need the right team to pull it off in such a way that it will work. I need a writer to support me, and a graphics artist that will do the drawing. If you can do both, that's even better.


This is too good to share with the public though. PM If you're interested and we'll talk there. Only email me if you love text and browser games, and think you might interested in these specs: Freeform with rules.


This will contain a monetized element. I offer the website, hosting, and Stripe payment processing, and help writing. Graphics are out of my scope. I do need a support writer, and one who can help with the mechanics.






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