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Can a catmull rom take the place of a dubins curve?

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I have been spending weeks on rewriting the code of this


Today, I suddenly came up with this,

If it's just too much of an effort, why not just use a catmull rom to replace the dubins curves instead.

BTW, I am doing pathfinding with turns here.


It's just been a huge undertaking, and I really don't want to do this, because the D3DX library is already quite robust.

And I am just interested in the length of it and whether it hits something along the path.


I also look at that code, it seems to be a very very expensive calculation....

A catmull rom spline is fast and clean....


So what do you think about it?




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no then
consider a lsl turn
i shall need 6 control points for the third one i need to know the turning radius which is impossible to find with catmull rom

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In context, Catmull-Rom has stability issues. It could easily produce a very unnatural curve.  

Whereas the a Dubins curve is better behaved because of the constraints it follows (you guide it with the tangents-constraints).

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