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OBJ file and texture coordinates

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I have been working on light-weight implementation of custom OBJ file loader :-)

I am attempting to load Sibenik Cathedral from to be specific.

I have noticed that some texture coordinates in the OBJ file are negative (that is outside the range [0, 1]), such as


vt -0.764533 0.452165 0.000000
vt -0.767727 0.428138 0.000000
vt -0.783781 0.555808 0.000000
vt -0.764533 0.547835 0.000000


How do you interpret the negative values here?


Thank you!

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You can leave those as is, provided you have texture coordinates wrapping mode set to GL_REPEAT / D3DTADDRESS_WRAP / D3D11_TEXTURE_ADDRESS_WRAP.


It's quite often that designer uses small texture to cover large areas. It doesn't really matter if texture coordinates is above 1.0 or below 0.0, as long as it's not too big to hit devices' limits.

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Texture space is positive/negative complete space where 0.0 coordinate is top-left/bottom-left pixel center in texture.


But of course textures till, and thus texture cooridnate of 1.0,10.0 is ten textures away to right, and 1.0,-10.0 is ten textures left.


That is the way by which texture coordiantes can till repeating textures. Interval 0.0-1.0 contains the entire texture.

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